Smart Connections

A connected home is a smart home. For some this means a wireless/connected speaker. For others it means devices to save money, secure their home and simplify life. A connected home allows you to leave a “green footprint” which means you care about the environment. Your activities and devices are less harmful to the environment. One way to improve your green footprint is by using a smart thermostat that accurately programs the heating and cooling of your home. This reduces your consumption of energy. Another product is the connected LED light bulb and smart lights that use less energy by powering off when the sensor detects no movement for a set period of time. The use of products like these make your home more efficient and often lowers your electric bill.

A smart home can also be a secure home with the right connected devices. Connected lights illuminate the outside of the home at night when movement is detected. Cameras monitor your home allowing you to see what caused the connected lights to activate. A connected doorbell allows you to see who’s approaching your door and an electronic touchscreen deadbolt lets you know when someone goes in and out and the anti-pick shield prevents tampering. These products provide safety and security for your home.

General Information

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